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How to have some cake and eat it

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Cake-eating guide
How to have some cake and eat it
How to have some cake and eat it In this article, I will attempt to guide you through the process of eating cake. The example I will use in this article will be a Strawberry Gateaux, but it can safely be applied to all forms of gateaux as well as sponge cake and cheesecakes alike.

The first step is to do with acquiring your cake. Cakes can be purchased from many places in your local neighbourhood, but we'd strongly recommend you visit Asda's, as it has a very wide selection of cakes available, all at very good prices.

Once you have acquired your chosen delicacy, you may proceed to step 2.

For the second step, we must prepare our cake, by slicing it up into 4, 6, or 8 slices depending on the size of the cake and the number of guests you have.

To divide the cake into 4 slices, take a long, sharp knife (Please be careful when handling sharp implements!) and slice the cake in half, then in half again, at 90 degrees to the initial incision.

For a six-serving cake, take the knife and cut the cake in half, but for the next cut, you must rotate the cake by 60 degrees. For the final stroke, rotate the cake another 60 degrees to ensure even portions.

An eight-portion cake can be divided by making 4 cuts, each at 45 degrees to the previous division.

Once you have properly sliced your cake, you may place a slice onto a side plate. When presenting the cake, it is very important to keep the cake upright as this helps keep the topping where it's supposed to be. Failure to do so will result in a poorly presented dessert.

You may, at this stage, sprinkle onto the cake some icing sugar, as this makes for a very pleasing snow-like covering. Be liberal with the icing sugar, so as not to appear un-generous.

Alongside this, you should place a small silver fork with which to eat the cake and a napkin, which I will explain the use of later.

The final part to this guide deals with the etiquette involved in eating your cake. You should never pick the cake up with your fingers, use the fork provided. You must then proceed to break down the cake into bite-size pieces, using the prongs of the form to do so. Never use the side of the fork to break up your cake. Once you have detached a small-sized chunk of cake, you should spear it with your fork and raise your hand to your mouth. Never scoop the cake up onto the fork and certainly do not lower your head to the plate, as it will put your guests in mind of the manners displayed by a pig. This process should be repeated until you have succesfully eaten your cake. At this point, you should take your napkin and dab the sides of your mouth to remove any crumbs which may have taken up residence there.

I do hope this has been of use. If you have found this guide useful, please submit your comments to the author.

Happy Eating!

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