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Anti-war feelings "declining"
The media making its own news
The media making its own news Support for the anti-war movement is waning. Yes, "waning". That's the BBC's veredict on it. Less people show up on this Saturday demonstration, hence people don't care anymore.

What a load of misinformation. Despite the fact that the demonstrations keep being some of the biggest ever, and that there was a lot less time to organise/publicise them, and that the war has already started, and that some people somehow think that being against the war and for "our boys" is incompatible, the media seems to summarise it all in two minutes of reports and a couple of sarcastical comments. "It's a movement in decline."

No mention of the fact that still the majority of the people oppose the war, and that the present level of dissent is only comparable to the one during the Vietnam war. No mention that 200,000 to 500,000 people showed up with only three days notice - if that much. No, what is interesting is that the movement is "waning".

I wonder if anyone still even remembers that the governments job was looking very shaky a couple of days ago. But no, if this was goes "well", then they were right anyway, and we pat them in the back. It doesn't matter that they disregarded international law, multilateralism, risked our long-term security, and ignored public opinion.

I'm really glad that democracy works to such a great extent. The media decides what the opinion about something should be, and next thing you know, your principles are old-fashioned and, well, wrong. I thought that this used to be a tactic in which the likes of The Sun and ITV excelled, but now th BBC seems to taking a good liking of it...

It's even more interesting if you note that this dismissive tone about the demonstrations, like so many other "news stories", was started by a couple of global news agencies - Reuters, AP. Their reporting, and the same wording about things like "waning support for campaign", trickles down to national reporting - after all, if you are a journalist, you don't want to go against the global standard of how something is being reported, do you? If you doubt this, browse through the news articles on Yahoo News, and then compare those with the ones on TV from the likes of ITV or the BBC.

Sometimes I forget that journalists are just normal people who will do things in the easiest possible way just to have them done and so that they can go home at the end of the day. And if that implies just picking up on the journalistic trend set by other, well... it can't harm, can it?

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