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nelson's user image
29.05.2003 - 07:21
forum administrator
From Yahoo! News...

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Oh heck: Hell hath no place in American primary and high school textbooks.

But then again you can't find anyone sailing a yacht or playing polo in the pages of an American textbook either. The texts also can't say someone has a boyish figure, or is a busboy, or is blind, or suffers a birth defect, or is a biddy, or the best man for the job, a babe, a bookworm, or even a barbarian.

All these words are banned from U.S. textbooks on the grounds that they are either elitist (polo, yacht) sexist (babe, boyish figure), offensive (blind, bookworm) ageist (biddy) or just too strong (hell, which is replaced with darn or heck). God is also a banned word because he or she is too religious.


Why, why, why!?!?! Where did it all go wrong? Why don't they close down the country and start again?
online_again's user image
29.05.2003 - 10:00
Darling. They ARE closing down the country. Just very slowly. The way things are going now they will all have killed each other in about 100 years time...
martyncolebrook's user image
04.06.2003 - 20:30
Just for the record this is derived from the roots of all American paranoia - the notion that language is in actual fact a form of virus that prevents us saying precisely what we mean. I'll dig out the article in question for you soon.

arar's user image
05.06.2003 - 15:18
C: > cd USA
USA: > format

error occurred during disk verification - bad sector. Bridge? (Y/N) Y
Disk formatted.....................

USA: > dir
arun's user image
05.06.2003 - 21:33
forum administrator
C:\> cd Craig
C:\Craig> format arar
Syntax Error> Get a proper name else I'll change your user icon to my hairy arse.
richard's user image
05.06.2003 - 22:15
forum administrator
Sounds like an improvement to me!!
arar's user image
06.06.2003 - 14:33
What do you mean you want me to get a proper name? Arar was my fathers name thank you.
deathjester's user image
12.06.2003 - 13:18
forum administrator
arun my good man, do the honours :)
arar's user image
13.06.2003 - 15:42
This is stupid I should be able to choose my own icon...

richard's user image
14.06.2003 - 16:06
forum administrator
Arun, last time I checked, your arse looked nothing like that. Have you been waxing?
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