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Fallen Dragon, by Peter Hamilton

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'Fallen Dragon, by Peter Hamilton'
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deathjester's user image
14.01.2004 - 12:29
forum administrator
Excellent. Throughly enjoyed it.

Swift moving, nicely sci-fi (although his idea are perhaps getting somewhat repititious).

The best elemtent is possibly the way you begin to suspect how it will end (if you are the sort of reader like me, who likes to kept track fo loose ends and see how (if) they get tied up as the story concludes).

You won't be disappointed, and I suspect you lot will probably get to the same page I did and realise that what you've been thinking for the last 8 chapters will proably turn out to be correct. (i hope this wont make you look too hard and spoil the story though. i was fairly relaxed about it all the way thru, and that probably allowed me to enjoy the ending as much as i did).

IGNORE the bluerb on the cover though. it was clearly written by a muppet who never read it sober. rather disturbingly inaccurate actualy :/
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19.01.2004 - 12:55
forum administrator
Couldn't agree more, a fantastic book.

I have to confess, I didn't see the twist at the end coming. :o(

My only question is: Where did his 'friend' get the original copy of that program?? (Probably not a good idea to answer or attempt to answer that here as it may spoil things)

Andy, book/author suggestion if you haven't already indulged: Alastair Reynolds - Revelation Space.

Similar scale to the Peter F Hamilton nights-dawn trilogy and equally cool tech
deathjester's user image
19.01.2004 - 14:37
forum administrator
ooo, thats a definite addition to my list then, as you are the most recent in a string of ppl to recommend it.

lol!, ric go back and re-read then last ten pages, i thinks u have literally tunred two pages by accident soemhow :)

theres was one unansererd question- what ever happened to Amersy? left wiiiiide open that one
deathjester's user image
19.01.2004 - 14:47
forum administrator

oh hang on i think i see what u mean- u r assuming that the original vinne (from our hero's point of view) was ACTUALLY vinnie.

ah, i assumed fromt the bat that its a circular paradox thing, like 3 monkeys; the vinnie with prime, alwayas was, and forever will be Newton.
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