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The Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson

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'The Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson'
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02.02.2004 - 12:52
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[might be spelt with a 'v']

Excellent Book.

There's been a rash of nanotech orientated universes on the shelves atm, most of which are on that 'not quite fiction...' knife edge. A lot fo people have been fairly disturbed by the predictions in these books (becasue of the prophetic nature of sci-fi and it's eerie parallels to what eventually transpire).

This chap is fairly heavy with the Fiction portion, but the universe created is fertile and very entertaining.

He is advoctaing that once sufficient control over matter has been developed, that the most successful (secure) type of society will be an emulation of that of the Victorians: strong morals values, heavily intellectual and industrious, low tolerance of crime (HARSH punishments).

He justifies this gently during the course of the book.

The language isn't particularly well-handled; go-for-the-story writers like Hamilton and Bova are much more successful in keeping things an 'easy' read; and it isn't clever enough with the flowery vocab and narrative to be a good example of written-to-go-OooOO-at-the-language writing either. Plus, he does all those things that Amercian scifi writers do to just piss me off: like insisting upon including slang in dialogue that is out of character or context; or failing to kill people when they should just DIE (though he's not as bad at this as Robert Jordan).

His command of the technology is exceptional though. The application and vision is spot on.

Fascinating stuff.
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