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'High Society' by Ben Elton.

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''High Society' by Ben Elton.'
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deathjester's user image
12.05.2004 - 17:00
forum administrator
Very enjoyable.

Extremely fast-paced, a bit 'simple' considering it's meant to tackle drugs, drug abuse and the resulting social issues.

Not a bad way to advocate the complete legalisation of all drugs though.

Worth a few hrs of your time.


Just started 'Sophie's World'. Loved every word so far. N1 nelly :)
nelson's user image
12.05.2004 - 17:01
forum administrator
Not as good as "Eight Legged Freaks"!
deathjester's user image
12.05.2004 - 20:51
forum administrator
this guy is a clergyman did somebody say?


what a messy head he must have.
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