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'2nd-hand books'
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18.10.2004 - 21:47
forum administrator
Anyone got anything they've read and recommend and don't mind parting with (for a while)?

Train commuting provides quite a good amount of time to read books and I've exauhsted my current supply - and in charity shops it's a bit of blind browsing, whilst bookstores are, well, expensive.
richard's user image
18.10.2004 - 22:36
forum administrator
Did you ever read any Peter F Hamilton? Will gladly lend you some of his books, but unfortunately I don't have the first two novels in the Nights Dawn trilogy, maybe DJ could source them for ya.

Stephen Baxter's Manifold series is also pretty good, got all 4 of those, plus a few others of his.

Take your pick! You can borrow all you want when you come down...

Can you believe I'm still reading Alastair Reynolds' Absolution Gap??? I've been reading it for 3 months now and it's tough going. Not nearly enough space-battles for my liking :o(
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