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'Logging problems'
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arar's user image
24.07.2003 - 15:14
I take it you can check the logs, but today I was having very weird logging in difficulties. I kept going into log in, where it would tell me my session had ended. Then I would re-enter the password, and it would let me go through. But when I went back into the main forums area, it said my session was ended. I proceeded to try to log baack in, but it said I was already logged in?! Confusing, but I cant give much more feedback than that. Probably a dodgy cookie problem, being given a bad timestamp or something... losing my computing touch
richard's user image
24.07.2003 - 22:08
forum administrator
Yeah, you were probably browsing using the 'back' and 'forward' buttons. When you do that, you redisplay pages from when you were previously not logged in so it looks like you're not logged in again, even though you are.
nelson's user image
25.07.2003 - 11:51
forum administrator
Clear bowser cache. Close browser and start again.
arar's user image
25.07.2003 - 14:44
deathjester's user image
25.07.2003 - 15:23
forum administrator
awww, why did u tell him?

bah. spoil sports.
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