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Where is burninghorizons.net going?

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'Where is burninghorizons.net going?'
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arar's user image
11.09.2003 - 14:22
Hey dudes, was wondering what other ideas you guys had for burning horizons? As it has settled, the forums work really well, and although the front page could do with updating, there really isn't a great deal I personally would change. I was wondering what other features you guys could put in to try and tempt more people here, and to challenge you and put your work out there?
I would, for instance, suggest that as you collectively have a fair amount of knowledge concerning web design/content creation, you could share the best of that on the site, perhaps in a new section? Perhaps a few new tools would allow people (such as myself) who have limited computing access but less restrictive internet access to perform various functions that perhaps you guys take for granted, e.g. chopped down simplified versions of stuff you can do in Photoshop or 3D Studio MAX, or perhaps a little word processing etc. If there are powerful tools on your website, it shows off your ability to create them, and people will want to use them.
Also, what about a photo gallery? I have taken loads of photos around cornwall, but although I have put them on my website, I don't really have a great way to display them because I don't have the facitilies or time to manually edit the images/ or html to embed them into the web pages. If you had something online, we could have caption comps, or other things like that - show off nice photos. How much space do you have on BH anywahy? Perhaps a snapshot applet?
arar's user image
11.09.2003 - 15:35
Just out of boredom, I have put my pics up the internet properly now - www32.brinkster.com/craigusmoorus under Personal Tab, click on gallery.

Where have I been for the last six months? Check it out now (although beware huge 8M pics)
deathjester's user image
12.09.2003 - 13:22
forum administrator
Yes, please Nelson, host Craig's Cornwall photos.

nelson's user image
18.09.2003 - 08:30
forum administrator
erm... no indecent photos on BH
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