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Konqueror doesn't like BH

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'Konqueror doesn't like BH'
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deathjester's user image
01.12.2003 - 13:08
forum administrator
accept coockies.....accept cookies.....accept cookies....

guys! wtf does your cookie code look like!

/me slaps you all

another cute thing that konqueror does, is to fail wrapping the text in these form fields when you type a realy long 'word'. odd. dont expect this is your problem though. although nothign will surprise me now your 100-cookie-updates-per-click PHP code has been uncovered :P
richard's user image
01.12.2003 - 16:48
forum administrator
Actually, I have been thinking about our cookie control, as it can be a real pain when your session gets trashed due to failed cookie-syncs.

Basically, every time you move pages, BH sends you a new session ID in your cookie and if you don't send it the correct one back, it logs you out.

I've been thinking about implementing the following:

On log-in, provide a session ID to the user and note down their IP address. Then, every time they try to access a page, check that the IP address is consistent.

The only problem I can see with this is: If the user is behind a proxy, won't all PCs behind the proxy appear to have the same IP address? This would mean you could spoof someone behind the same proxy as you (unlikely, I admit). Also, it would mean dial-up people would have to sign in every time they dialled in (or if DSL/Cable get's a different IP address - not sure if this happens too often, I've never noticed it myself unless I turn off my modem).

I don't think these are too big of problems?

It would get around Konqueror's problem of complaining whenever a cookie value is changed!! (Why on earth does it do that, I wonder??)
nelson's user image
03.12.2003 - 08:48
forum administrator
Oh, FFS use a decent browser.
deathjester's user image
03.12.2003 - 13:47
forum administrator
aye, it is a bit odd.

im glad my role is merely to encourage ;)
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