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BH does i17......

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'BH does i17......'
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deathjester's user image
06.06.2003 - 12:13
forum administrator
Following up on Aruns suggestion, lets do a LAN together :)

I go to LANS pretty much once a month, and run my own small-scale ones a bit so it'll be easy enough to arrange.

I think one fo the i-series LANs would be best, probably i17. (i18 will NOT be good ppl as none of the core MPUK staff will actually be there!)

I think it woudl be a good fun way to meet up again :) The girls coudl get a B&B and go shopping for a weekend and we coudl meet for din dins & drinks (i assuming they wont want to play games for 72 hrs, but i may be wrong.. ;)

Mmmm.. sexism. buwahahahahh

and and maybe we shoudl all have a ame of risk too :D
nelson's user image
07.06.2003 - 05:34
forum administrator
Ok, I'm going to sound really stupid here but what is i17 and i18?
richard's user image
08.06.2003 - 09:06
forum administrator

But sounds like a good idea, though!

When & Where?
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