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nelson's user image
17.07.2003 - 12:21
forum administrator
I'm bored! I need to install a computer game that:

1) is fun

2) is engrossing

3) will run well on an AMD 550MHz

4) won't take up 1GB hard drive

5) is not a shoot-'em-up

I'm not that picky about the game's age, wether it is 3D or not, etc.

RPG could be interesting, except that things like Ultima tend to become extremely boring because they are so mind-bogglingly big and there's little sense of progress.

Suggestions, please...?
deathjester's user image
17.07.2003 - 14:08
forum administrator
UFO- Enemy Unknown-
the most perfect turn-based squad-level combat game ever written. Utterly engrossing, very very playable. Wonderful aliens-are-invading-earth scenario where we humans must fight with our bows and arrows against the lightning. You may have noticed me and ric talkign about it recently (i got it to work under Xp u see [very tough cos its an old 16-bit protected mode pain in the arse]) You can grab it off my FTP tbh ;) will take you perhaps an hour at absolute maximum.

Jagged Alliance 2-
released in 2000, excellent squad-based combat with contemporary tech. the stratey-level stuff isnt as extensive or as groovy as UFO though, nor is the scenario. However, its gfx arnt restricted at 640x480x8 ;) and you hear VOICES (appluase). Also avail on my FTP.

Im sure uve played em ;) v3.0 is GOOD. not sure if u can hack it on ur machine though. disk space will defo be an issue.

Steel Soldiers-
RTS. I personalyl rated it very highly due to a very intense and balanced MP experience. single playe is also cool. If you liked the original (the DOS game where roboyts are pumped out of invulnerable factories, and u have to capture them to get more bots). THis would push ur system a tad, but it might just work ;)
deathjester's user image
17.07.2003 - 14:09
forum administrator
Theif 1/2-
Absolutely stonking take onthe FPS. its basicly a 3D puzzler/sneak-em-up/steal-em-up but with an brilliant and devilish plot running thru. IF you havent played these games, they are total classic (just liek UFO) and frankly you cant say u lived if u havent played them.

Diablo 1/2-
Ull love it for about 3 months, then hate it. but, u really will LOVE it if u like realtime RPG.

Freespace 2-
Warm that joystick up for the best, repeat THE BEST sci-fi single player flight game ever. theres even mods out there to play in Babylon 5 campaings etc. wicked stuff. (if u liek MP sci fi flight, then starlancer is the best cos u turn FASTER when u fly faster- meaning the dogfighting is very very very skilled and not just brake-to-pivot x-wing stylee boredom)

Fallout 1/2
RPG with turn-based combat. Brilliant post-apocalyptic universe and snazzy rpg engine. great plot, multiple paths (i havent seen em all and i have a copy of the plot path routes- theres fekkign LOADS). many hrs of qualtiy play here.

Tell me what u need nelly and i can whack a copy of most things in the post for you. I can upload them to you if ud prefer too.
nelson's user image
17.07.2003 - 21:13
forum administrator
UFO EU - Agree, good game, but I've finished it and I think it looses something if I replay it. Besides I don't want to spend two days trying to make it work.

JA2 - Heard good things, but not something I really feel like playing ATM...

Civ - played all the 3. Yes, III is on my PC and works fine. It just gets a bit boring after playing more than 10 times...

Steel Soldiers - never heard of... does it have a good plot, or is it another C&C?

Thief 1/2 - Got them, played a bit, fun for the first levels, then it gets repetitive/boring. A bit like Tomb Raider.

Diablo 1/2 - I really, really liked the first one, which I completed. The second I haven't tried although I believe it would require a major uninstallation hunt on my hard disk...

Freespace - haven't really tried it, but I have my doubts it will run properly on my PC...?

Fallout 1/2 - Completed no. 2 and am halfway through no. 1 (which has kept me entertained for the time being but, again, it can run a bit tedious at times)

Damn, I'm a hard-to-please customer!

Another Homeworld or Half-Life would be good fun... I guess I'm back to the Abandonware sites...
deathjester's user image
18.07.2003 - 00:42
forum administrator
u said no shooters!

xcom- i can get it workign for u in seconds cos i can just tell u how :D

fresspace 2- i played it on a 400Mhz P3 with 128 PC133 on a TNT2 Ultra the first time round, and it was absolutely stonking.
It has a wonderful, wonderful plot, immense capital ship battles, mercilessly hard difficulty levels, and fantasic co-op modes.
This first game is damn fine, but the second one really is exceptional. The do the whole particle-beam weaposn thing as well as the projectile stuff. the combat is very much like that dipicted in the Babylon 5 rendered scenes.

DId u ever do alien vs predator? shoudl run fine oin ur system. classic. not played <> not lived.

steel soldiers... plot is pretty standard vague yet plausible-for-the-context stuff. an excuse to blowstuff up. the gameplay is a very nice change from the norm of the RTS genre tho.

Ground Control- another good RTS. this will defo push ur system but ull be ok i think. there no resourcve management. just pick a squad and try to come back with as many of em as possible. tanks/planes big maps. futuristic. good plot.

kingpin. while half-life is the daddy of RPS adventuring, kingpin was thoroughyl enjoyable for me- a black comedy ganster job. quake 2 engine.

ill go out on a limb and recommend Max Payne. Tis an excellent game. BUt, i think this is REALLY pushing the boat out for ur system specs.
Very, very good storyline. Full whack pulp fiction bogart stuff.

more suggestions as i think of them
arar's user image
18.07.2003 - 14:51
Master of Magic always kept me amused and is not a shooter. Failing that, you can't beat Dungeon Master 2, Worms, Lemmings (one of the original incarnations) or possibly even Myst. The original WarCraft or WarCraft 2 are also pretty good bets.
nelson's user image
18.07.2003 - 15:07
forum administrator
I asked for something with a good plot?!?
arun's user image
18.07.2003 - 20:53
forum administrator
In order of goodness:

Age of Empires II
Shogun Total War
Grand Prix Legends
Lego Racers
Microsoft Train Simulator
Barbie Goes Shopping
nelson's user image
18.07.2003 - 22:27
forum administrator
I wanna try Pontifex, but for some unknown reason no OpenGL apps will run at all on my PC (yes, I got the latest nVidia drivers.., and the previous ones.. and...)
nelson's user image
18.07.2003 - 22:28
forum administrator
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