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arar's user image
03.08.2004 - 22:37
Looky looky
ash_oh1's user image
04.08.2004 - 13:12
I see that the anorexic look has hit Asia too:_( I used to have a real thing for Asian girls im suppressed that none of them really stood out.

That just fantasy land tho if I met any of them in a club its not like id turn any of them down. They are all VERY pretty girls. Given a choice id pick errmmmm

Wan Yan

city_break's user image
04.08.2004 - 15:28
And here I thought that guys preferred the anorexic look...?

Oh well, on this slow modem I didn't have the patience for the images to load, so I have no clue...
richard's user image
04.08.2004 - 15:31
forum administrator
Well I daren't look while I'm at work...!

Tell your hubby to get the broadband working! :o)
city_break's user image
04.08.2004 - 18:54
Not his fault, I must admit. BT, BT, BT... oughta' shoot them.
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