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Happy 17th of May!

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'Happy 17th of May!'
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nelson's user image
17.05.2003 - 10:58
forum administrator
For those who don't know it, the 17th of May is Norway's national day. Have some brown cheese and a sheep's head for dinner and wave some flags!


richard's user image
17.05.2003 - 11:50
forum administrator
Aawwww! So cute :o)

Happy Norway-day to Rig!
online_again's user image
17.05.2003 - 12:46
Not to forget all the singing, and tubas and parachuters and the sour cream.

Come to think of it, I do come from a bizarre country.
arun's user image
18.05.2003 - 23:56
forum administrator
You can't steal Eeyore from us Rig, that's just not fair! Pooh will get lonely.
online_again's user image
20.05.2003 - 13:19
Never stole any Eeyore. And Pooh got Piglet.

"Is that it?" said Eeyore
"Yes," said Winnie the Pooh. "This is the North Pole".
"Oh well," said Eeyore. "At least it didn't rain today".
arar's user image
22.05.2003 - 14:27
Piglet was the coolest in my opinion. He never hurt anyone.
online_again's user image
23.05.2003 - 14:48
Piglet- a bit too neurotic.
online_again's user image
23.05.2003 - 14:54
... That said, i still became "Piglet" in the 100 acres wood, online test.... :/
martyncolebrook's user image
25.05.2003 - 18:15
Neurotic, Piglet - I'm going to get me a deed poll form :)
online_again's user image
26.05.2003 - 20:46
Martyn, you are not like piglet. A bit more like "Marvin" from the Hitch hikers guide,I would say...
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