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Your ideal dinner party.

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'Your ideal dinner party.'
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deathjester's user image
05.07.2003 - 21:16
forum administrator
Semi-interesting TV program made me think about 6 people I would invite to a dinner party.

You can invite anybody, alive or dead, but they must be non-fictional.

I got an idea of who i woudl choose but i need to think about it a bit pmore ill post later.

Who woudl you invite?
online_again's user image
06.07.2003 - 12:22
Kerry Max Cook

Eve Ensler

A very cute friend of mine from Norway

let me think about the rest....
richard's user image
06.07.2003 - 13:45
forum administrator
I guess Jessica Rabbit would be out of the question, then.
online_again's user image
06.07.2003 - 17:35
yes, bunnies make me sneeze.
arar's user image
08.07.2003 - 16:23
Mine would have to be... Rowan Atkinson, my dad, Matthew Perry, Stephen Hawking, Brunel and possibly Escher, Picasso or Dali.

I'd also have to get a second table to fit on all my favourite actors/actresses, including Jack Nicholson, John Cusack, Steve Buscemi, Carrie Fisher, Adam Sandler... I could go on for quite a while.
online_again's user image
08.07.2003 - 16:32
That was way more than six... I thought the point of having six people is so you have to be choosy about them?

I think madonna could be fun company.
richard's user image
08.07.2003 - 17:21
forum administrator
This is the Escher who you'd never heard of until last year? :o)

Stephen Hawking - doesn't he drink Pina Coladas?

Anyway, mine would be:
- The Pope
- The Archbishop of Canterbury
- Albert Einstein
- Stephen Hawking
- Carl Sagan
- Arthur C. Clarke

Now THAT would make an interesting conversation...! ;o)
arun's user image
08.07.2003 - 20:33
forum administrator
Heidi Klum
Kelly Brook
Cat Deeley

Wonder what's for dessert? ;-)
online_again's user image
09.07.2003 - 10:36
Although Richard, I think your party would be even more interesting if all the guests were still alive ;)
deathjester's user image
09.07.2003 - 16:32
forum administrator
John Carmack:
Godfather of the First-Person-Shooter, and standard-setting author of 3D engines since Doom (1992). Total 'Gaming Culture' Guru. Would grease him at Quake while everyone else does coffee/mints things.

Peter Hamilton:
Author of some of the best sci-fi ever written. Very hard to make a choice between the likes of John Wyndam, Vernor Vinge, Isaac Asimov, Greg Bear etc. but I reckon Pete would probably be able to put up with Hitler a bit better ;)

60 Years on... There simply isn't enough dinner to provide enough time to cover all the conversational topics with this man. Of course, He'd probably irritate me with his rather crazy plans on implementation for what *can* be considered some reasonable ideas. Would make sure the servants at dinner were all orthodox Jews. From germany.

Sandra Bullock:
Flagship female specimen of Homo Sapiens.

Bruce Lee:
Would love to meet the man I try to emulate certain styles of in the ring. Pound for pound he was the ultimate melee warrior. Plus he spontaneously generates cool noises from time to time.

Would love to hear his take on the (lack of) free-will paradigm. I'd ask him to smuggle Socrates to dinner under his toga too.
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