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'Bits and bobs...'
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19.07.2003 - 10:38
forum administrator
...that I collected from the BBC:

The big red button to fire cruise missiles is fiction, at least on board the Royal Navy submarine HMS Splendid. Instead they are fired by the click of a mouse. One crew member, filmed during the Iraq war, tells this weekend's edition of the BBC documentary Fighting the War: "A left mouse push fires it. Kinda crazy really. We actually asked for a great big red button, but they wouldn't give us one."

Do you think they can record macros?

Bathtime toys are helping scientists understand ocean currents. A flotilla of rubber duckies - and toy frogs and beavers and turtles - has been tracked around the world for 11 years after falling off a container ship en route from China to Seattle. The ducks are due to wash up on the coast of New England any day now.


Readers of tabloid newspapers are more scared of crime than readers of broadsheet newspapers. The British Crime Survey, published this week, reveals that 43% of tabloid readers believe crime has shot up over the last two years compared with only 26% of those who regularly read a broadsheet.

Moral of the story: read broadsheets, get mugged less often

Britons love bananas - the fruit is the biggest selling edible item stocked by UK supermarkets. Only sales of petrol and lottery tickets outstrip the bendy yellow fruit.

I'm sure the EU will want to straighten all of them...
deathjester's user image
19.07.2003 - 10:54
forum administrator
sighing at the rubber ducky thing?

my god thats pure genius- maximum use of a bad event.
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