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Interesting, exciting, yet pretty damn freaky

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'Interesting, exciting, yet pretty damn freaky'
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08.09.2003 - 15:27
Ok, heres the deal. In two months time, I will be jobless and homeless. I have a promise from the my parents who will deliver me anywhere in the south of england, along with computer and crap. No real plans, no real career, nothing really. Planning to work entry level jobs until I decide what I want to do with my life. Not getting anywhere at the moment. Oh, and heavily saving my money at the moment.
If you could go anywhere in the uk with a fresh slate, where would you go and why? I'm thinking big cities etc...
online_again's user image
08.09.2003 - 18:16
Isn't Hull the obvious choice?

Personally, if I was looking for a new place to go, I would go to a new county and strongly consider Iceland. (Although something tells me that you would have some language issues if you went there...)
deathjester's user image
08.09.2003 - 20:36
forum administrator
this is the bit in our simulation where craig gets the

*** G A M E O V E R ***

gg wp

Erm, he didnt get instantiated more than once did he?


"public static void Craig()"
arar's user image
09.09.2003 - 14:56
gg wp?

I really wish people could just say what they meant instead of abbrev. things unnec.
arun's user image
09.09.2003 - 18:22
forum administrator
Do you have to be a southern ponce?
arar's user image
10.09.2003 - 15:09
Yes. Its part of my genetic make-up =p I was being "funny"
arun's user image
11.09.2003 - 00:24
forum administrator
Cum upt north lad. Whel sort yaht.
Richard is a southern softie. Go and pitch a tent at his house by the Thames Estuary.
Alternativley, you can come and stay in my weekend cabin. (Otherwise known as a shed!)
Seriously though, fine a job BEFORE you move anywhere.
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