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Fine, then!

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'Fine, then!'
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nelson's user image
23.10.2003 - 16:15
forum administrator
Don't comment on my new user image.

See if I care!
richard's user image
23.10.2003 - 17:50
forum administrator
LOL, heheh, tbh never thought to say anything! I must say, it's not very pleasing to look at - too stark and high-contrast colours for my aesthetics :o)

Although it is better than DJs in that respect, although that little dude on the joystick makes me chuckle.
arun's user image
23.10.2003 - 19:01
forum administrator
Optimus Prime -

arar's user image
25.10.2003 - 11:10
Its very cool. Transfarmers! Farmers in disguise!
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