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Taunton Dean are DEM data access

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'Taunton Dean are DEM data access'
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05.01.2004 - 15:49
Heya, as far as I know, some of my tax money pays for the ordnance survey, which in turn does things like (in the name of science and military needs) scans the height data in the form of DEMs. I am looking for the data of a particular area, because I want to use it in modelling a school, my old school in Taunton, Somerset, TA2 6AD. Why will they only sell it to me if I have already paid for it? Why is scientific data paid for by tax payers being restricted?
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05.01.2004 - 16:24
forum administrator
Christ, a political question coming from Craig!

It's called "capitalism" and "provision of essential services". I really doubt there would be enough money to pay for the wages/equipment of everyone at the OS and similar bodies just from taxes, Craig. Of course, this sort of questions also tends to come from people who think they already pay "too much tax".

I don't think that OS data really qualifies as a "provision of essential service"...
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05.01.2004 - 16:36
forum administrator
Interesting question, you would have thought it would be free, although have you any proof that the Ordnance Survey is paid for by the taxpayer? I'm not too sure on that one.

Is it very expensive? I.e. something more than just an admin-fee?
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