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Article template?

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'Article template?'
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deathjester's user image
26.04.2004 - 17:34
forum administrator
Guys, if i knock up an article this eveing are Captain(s) 'Beard' and 'Fuzzy' goign to format it or do you want whizz me the template.

What size does the purfunctory piccie need to be? and erm... stuff.

Don't get too excited about the article. It might not be the sort of thing you want on the page (nothing crass i promise!) but perhaps just a bit erm.. 'off topic'.

ohohoh just had idea...erm make sure you captain type ppl are alive and kickign in IRC later this evening :)
nelson's user image
26.04.2004 - 18:56
forum administrator
Alive, kickin'.

Article's welcome; you might even want to try & submit yourself from front page (you must be logged on "all the way"). Check the link at the bottom of page.
richard's user image
26.04.2004 - 19:30
forum administrator
Recommendation: Type it in word and use the spell checker ;o))
nelson's user image
26.04.2004 - 20:08
forum administrator


I'm sure it will be a good article anyway. All the rest has too many cobwebs in there...
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