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hey ho

'hey ho'
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31.01.2005 - 02:39
forum administrator
wayhey chaps long time no type.

hope everyoen is well and cuddly

strange session killign issue ric after i blew the frag league thread thigny away. speakign of which, i probably shoudl have checked iwth you guys first.. hope you got backusp shoudl you RWEALLy liek that thread so much.

ii have a bunch fo norweigan crackers here i was goign to bring dow to your dinner party nelly/riggy. they still need bringinging

rig i saw you stealign my bandwidth the other night ;) did xcom work OK ?

oh and i might be tryign EVE once again, havign heard goodf things from old mates who also left in distgust (and recently rejoined). anyone fancy spednuigna few pleasantly distracted hours a week trundling leisurely though a mmorpg ?
17.06.2005 - 18:28
hawk hawk.brunching makes too gughho to trip of
breathhark .well guys catch up with it to prevase
a greatday.
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