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04.11.2003 - 12:45
I have been without my computer for a little while now, and it has brought to my attention a definite need for the internet.

Problem : To be able to work from the library, doing some or most of the things I could do at home, without my PC. These include modelling in 3D, digitizing images, designing and programming systems, compiling and linking code using Java or C++, loading and saving files of various types, and generally working on projects of this nature.

Resources : a 32Mb Disk-On-Key, Digital Camera 2.0 MPixel, 30 Mb Brinkster web space, access to the library computers (Win?) no VC++, no Java compilers etc.

I was going to ask if perhaps I wrote some Java classes, and put them in some sort of public directory, and then gave you access, perhaps one of you (bored, or otherwise) could compile some Java for me. However, that is an unsatisfactory answer as debugging would be a nightmare process. What I am therefore attempting to do is install java on my digital camera (64Mb memory), and then see if I can use that to compile items onto my key. Thats if I have the authority to.

So how about an online compiler etc. Then I can write my own java applets to do the rest...
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04.11.2003 - 15:13
And the install didn't work... I cannot express in words my frustration at the moment...
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04.11.2003 - 17:12
forum administrator
Do farming instead of computing.

More productive.
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05.11.2003 - 15:28
Or then there's politics... talk about goods or services...
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