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'Out with the old, in with the old...'
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09.01.2004 - 15:35
Ok, how is it possible, that after programming in java for over 5 years I am still coming up with the same stupid errors as ever, such as java.lang.outOfMemoryError??!! I have 1G of RAM, you crazy stupid java fool!! Bow to my hardware!! All I am doing is some simple matrix tests on the new classes I've written, but performance testing on Java is ridiculous!! The second you start putting the number of objects up too high, virtual RAM kicks in screwing up the whole process, and then it runs out of memory!! 40G hard drive, dumbass!!! Ok rant over. Java officially sucks!! I need a new language *sob*
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10.01.2004 - 11:51
forum administrator
I agree with you. Java does suck. The language itself is the best I've ever programmed in, but the JVM etc is very very poor. Has anyone noticed that their entire PC locks up for about 20 seconds the first time you visit a page with a java applet on?? Then if you close IE, it closes the VM again and then proceeds to do the same thing the next time you go to a web-page. VERY frustrating, especially when the applet in question is just a bloody advertisement!!! Or even worse, I've seen quite a few web-pages around which have invisible java applets which do god knows what.

Want my advice? VB. There is still a lot of demand for it and the new .NET stuff could be very valuable too.
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14.01.2004 - 12:02
forum administrator


its java v2.0, authored by Mr java himself who was stolen by MS and paid to develope a nice dialect of java for the .NET runtime.

it rrruulllleeesss.
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