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What are your computer specs?

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'What are your computer specs?'
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arun's user image
09.01.2004 - 16:50
forum administrator
Just out of interest, what setups do you all run at the moment? Please post as much as you can and include multiple rigs if you've got them! :-)
I'll start...

AMD Athlon 3200+
Abit NF-7 v 2.0 nForce2 Motherboard
2 x 256MB Kingston Hyper-X Dual DDR BH-5
Ati 9700 Pro graphics card
Samsung SyncMaster 181T TFT Monitor
Coolermaster Wavemaster Case
Western Digital Caviar SE 80GB, 8MB cache
Lite-On 52x32x52 CD-RW
Lite-On 16x DVD
Alcatel Speedtouch 330 ADSL Modem
Floppy Drive
Hewlett Packard Deskjet 930C
Mustek 1200CP Scanner
Microsoft Optical Wheelmouse
Logitech Navigator Keyboard
and last but not least, my wonderful USB bendy light. Great for looking round the back of your computer, or illuminating you keyboard in the dark.
arar's user image
10.01.2004 - 04:41
...or reading under the blanket =p

Well, guess what people, I'm still using the same computer from two years ago!!

AMD Thunderbird 1.333Ghz
40G HD
64Mb GeForce Graphics card
Sound Blaster (of some description) sound card
Lite-on 52x24x24x dvd player
12x10x32x Lite-on cd burner
19" Phillips Brilliance monitor (still brilliant!!)
A case (dunno make)
Ethernet card (+ broadband woohoo)
Modem (Controllerless! Woohoo AOL lingo!)
4 Port USB extension frontside

But... I got some nice toys!!
My fav : Logitech cordless keyboard and cordless optical mouse
32Mb Disk-on-key
Microsoft Sidewinder
Trust 1200 Wireless Tablet (Cool! And useless!)
Hewlett Packard PSC 750 Printer/Scanner (Only up to 300 dpi! A4)
And my second favourite: Sony Cybershot 2.0Mb Digital Camera
Add in my stereo

Oh, and pointlessly, I also have hooked an old electric keyboard from when I was about 8, and it still works! I can make music like Ross from friends!! Its a CASIO SA-10 100 Sound Tone-Bank and has keys smaller than my fingers!
richard's user image
10.01.2004 - 12:00
forum administrator
Epox 4G4A motherboard
P4 1.8GHz Northwood 'A' running @ 2.4GHz
2x256MB Samsung DDR333 (only running at 266 tho)
Gainward 128MB GeForce Ti4200
Seagate 16GB C:
IC?!? 80GB D:/E:
Liteon 32x rewriter (flashed to something faster, but can't remember what it is)
Pioneer slot loading DVD reader
19" Relisys CRT
Logitech cordless keyboard
Logitech MX 700 cordless optical mouse
Dodgy speakers
Firewire card
WiFi card @ 54Mbps
512KB ADSL through my wifi router
Shite purple fronted case (due for replacement!)
iPod v2 10GB

That's pretty much it I think...
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