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And he was online ever more...

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'And he was online ever more...'
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01.04.2004 - 18:33
Ok heres a question. If you spent ALL DAY on the internet, couldn't actually use your computer for very much except looking at websites, maybe a little web editing using online tools etc, and basicly doing my job (answering calls, giving advice and chopping and changing applications), what would you do with all that time on the internet?

I'm not good enough at web deisng to critique others' websites, which would be ideal I guess, or have the tools to really work on my own. Sometimes I am hanging around for ages with nothing but the internet to "entertain" me. I am still frighteningly awful at using the internet to find information...
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01.04.2004 - 19:57
forum administrator

(make sure you read previous editions; the current one isn't very good)

XHTML. Separate your content...

CSS... from design.

Zen Garden. And you'll be able to do stuff like this. (Make sure you check several designs)

PHP Do something dynamic; it's fun.

If you have a home PC on broadband, get NO-IP, and then you can set up your own web/ftp/whatever/server with a domain like "craigarar.no-ip.com". Apache is by far the best; you can then install PHP and edit create/play with your websites remotely.

If you have XP, even better - right-click on My Computer, Properties, Remote tab, Allow users... Then, from work you can just type "mstsc" in the Run box and you'll be able to remote-control your home PC (you'll need to NO-IP thingy, though). Even if they don't let you run mstsc, you can run it on a web page. More here.

More stuff...

Read news.
Read a blog.
Join and discuss stuff in newsgroups.

That should keep you busy for a lifetime or two...
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