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Say a prayer for HYMN

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'Say a prayer for HYMN'
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16.06.2004 - 18:41
forum administrator
Hear Your Music aNywhere

Now that the iTunes shop has reached our shores, I have been purchasing some songs, just to see what all the fuss was about. However, the music you download is obviously DRM infested and it means you can only use iTunes or your iPod to listen to it! This is hardly fair use, since I've paid for the right to listen to the music and I should be able to listen to it however I want (e.g. Winamp or to burn to a CD to listen on a hi-fi or in a car, etc).

Well HYMN has the answer, and it converts those nasty locked down m4p files to nice friendly m4a files.

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16.06.2004 - 20:11
forum administrator
Ah, yes... Apple's first version got cracked a few weeks back, so they created v.2 that forced everyone to upgrade their software.

Sure enough, v.2 was cracked within two days of being released...
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