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'Back online!'
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nelson's user image
02.08.2004 - 08:32
forum administrator
Boy, 56k is slow...
richard's user image
02.08.2004 - 09:04
forum administrator
Aaah, you have one of those old fashioned modulator/demodulator contraptions then? Hopefully our 2Mb pipeline should be working today! :oD
arar's user image
02.08.2004 - 15:41
If it does, perhaps I can stop working in this sweatshop, sorry internet cafe...

(Plus its kinda embaressing every time I go to BH, I am in brighton, and the front article is a Gay Rights issue - wonder if everyone thinks something now about me...) =O
ash_oh1's user image
03.08.2004 - 11:31
maybe someone could write an article on abortion or drugs to save everyone some embarasement....

/me thinks about the picture....

never mind
nelson's user image
03.08.2004 - 17:19
forum administrator
Or I could change the picture for the current article, somehow involving Craig and David Hasselhoff...
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