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February 15th Demonstration

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'February 15th Demonstration'
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12.02.2003 - 07:43
forum administrator
I hope as many people as possible will be going (I certainly will)!

The way things are going, the UK has at the moment the most power in the whole "should-we-go-to-war" decision. If there's enough pressure put on the government (and Tony Blair's popularity is now as good as the Tories'), it might bring about a change of direction of the UK's policy. If the US is all alone, it will be very hard for them at home to justify a war even to the American public. It would be the end of Bush and his cronies.

There's also the chance that such a change would indicate a transformation in the entire world order. If Europe (and the rest of the world) were united on this issue, it would change the US's role of running the world as they please.

This demonstration won't change the world in a flash, but there's a small chance it will start something worthy of being in history books...
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12.02.2003 - 09:20
And also: demonstrating is good for you. At least according to a recent psychology research done at Sussex univeristy.

But what do I know.
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