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Todays (yesterdays?) Demo

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'Todays (yesterdays?) Demo'
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16.02.2003 - 01:17
Outstanding. Great day and before the sit down in picadilly only 4 arrests all day for minor public disorder offences. I was a protest virgin before today and what better way to get started than the UKs biggest ever protest? Interesting to see the media websites spin on it. BBC like the 750k but admit it could be more itv o with the 1 mil and sky admit the possibility that it could be more than a mil. I doubt the 2m figure and the 750k, it'll be somewhere in between.

So thats my first post, no doubt i'll get more offensive and opinionated as time goes by but thems the breaks.

Sweet site Nelson.

PS I wouldn't use a PDA as a placemat ! ;-)
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