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The media making its own news

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'The media making its own news'
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23.03.2003 - 14:31
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This is a discussion about the article 'The media making its own news'. Tell us your opinions about this subject!
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23.03.2003 - 16:14
Maybe because there is no serious details coming out...? We need the humanitarians in there to sort everything out, or perhaps simply some people with no political agenda...

I'd be quite interested in what the iraqis are telling their own people.
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23.03.2003 - 19:59
I'd be quite interested in that too... curious about whether the Iraqis know about the anti-war demonstrations here as well.

About the media; it's not the first time they take things into their own hands though, is it? I mean, CNN claims that the peace activist Rachel Correy was lying, in sand, in front of that bulldozers. Now, my sources in Palestine informs me that she was standing up, wearing a bright red jacket and it was obvious that she was unarmed. Oh well. One peace activist more or less....

Someone should take Tony Blair to international court as a war criminal, though. And if possible, sue him for undemocratic use of democracy.
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24.03.2003 - 10:46
forum administrator
Another thing that's getting on my nerves is the way the Sun is reporting the war. One comment today was that Iraq will pay for the killing of some of our soldiers.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but we are in a war, do you really expect them to sit there and be shot without retalliating?? How can you call them savages when it was us that invaded them?
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24.03.2003 - 10:59
forum administrator
Link to Sun's article

I particularly like the quote about the men being 'murdered in cold blood'. Again, I don't think it's possible to murder in cold blood in a war scenario and I'm certain that those officers were armed (unless we have some very stupid generals).

Just because I don't support the war, the media is making me (or people like me, specifically) feel like we are betraying our soldiers and that we don't care about them. The fact is, I probably care more about them than most, as I want them to come home and be safe!
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24.03.2003 - 21:08
My words exactly. When i was speaking at the rally, I mentioned just that. They WANT us to feel that we are not supportin "our boys". The truth is that we dont want them to be out there in the line of fire in the first place. We want them to come back home!

For my sake I dont think all if this classifies as a war. It seems to be a pure attack... it's not like we are in the danger of being bombed, is it!
And we don't even need an enemy to die: Brits have died of "friendly fire" and our helicopters colides...
TRAINING, guys! That's all I have to say.
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