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Freedom Of Speech??

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'Freedom Of Speech??'
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01.04.2003 - 10:32
forum administrator
Apparently, it doesn't apply in times of war, as several journalists have been fired for 'unpatriotic' news coverage. Full story.
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01.04.2003 - 14:56
DON'T even get me started on the freedom om speech...
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01.04.2003 - 18:37
forum administrator
Freedom of speech.....

I advocate that anythign you can do above and beyond your immediate physical limitations is merely a bonus.


I'm gettign very wierd lately...
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02.04.2003 - 10:17
To be picky, it is now referred to as "freedom of expression". Now, think about how much larger scope that gives you! (I was told off for claiming that words in the written form was a part of freedom of speech with a "No, it's not, that's a part of the freedom of expression")
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