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Arnie won

'Arnie won'
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09.10.2003 - 15:14
Apparently Arnie is now a state governor. Just another example of how substance will always win over show.

I wonder if they know that he's secretly a robot from the future, poised to kill hundreds of people! They probably do, but as long as its nothing to do with their state...

I would have preferred a pornstar governor who has the common sense to tax boob jobs.
deathjester's user image
09.10.2003 - 16:26
forum administrator
well, hes actually a very intelligent chap- substance isnt an issue, but I think that's incidental and yes hes 'in' simply to terminate soem other governors reign.
online_again's user image
09.10.2003 - 17:53
You don't like Arnie as a governor? You prefer another Bush????

To be honest, i don't see why it is so bad to have Arnie as a governor. When you look at past governors and felons, Arnie seem like a better choice.

And shows that if you want to do something in the world you got to be famous first... hm.
deathjester's user image
09.11.2003 - 13:54
forum administrator
he aced his business major and made a million by age 22. Hes not dense ;)
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