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Views on environmental effect of man

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'Views on environmental effect of man'
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12.01.2004 - 23:21
Just interested to hear your views on the environmental effect of man, and an excuse for a damn good discussion. inspired by Orangutans face extinction.

Some greatly varying views on this subject. I am personally torn between two main views - a view based on the responsibility of humans for maintenance and balance of a constantly evolving planet, and the opposing view of humans as an animal, ensuring our own survival at the cost of lesser animals. Most of the time, its a human vs human thing, and animals/plants/habitats/environments come a very far second.
So do we care, and either way, should we?
richard's user image
12.01.2004 - 23:41
forum administrator
Craig, that link is a discussion about swivel chairs. Am I missing something? Does the environmental effect of keeping computer users supplied with swivel chairs cause Orang-utans to be killed?
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