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EU nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

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'EU nominated for Nobel Peace Prize'
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01.02.2004 - 21:01
forum administrator
This is a discussion about the article 'EU nominated for Nobel Peace Prize'. Tell us your opinions about this subject!
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02.02.2004 - 00:43
Wow nels, did you write that? Its really good!!
nelson's user image
02.02.2004 - 12:22
forum administrator
Yes, I did. Thanks for the flattery.
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02.02.2004 - 15:12
Ok, retracted. It sux =)
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02.02.2004 - 18:03
forum administrator
Here here! (In reference to the article)
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02.02.2004 - 19:00
I nominate the United States of America for the nobel peace prize. Oops, sorry I mean nobel war prize, for valiant war-like efforts in the field of death and destruction, both of the enemy and allies.
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02.02.2004 - 19:51

Sorry Craig. You are not Swedish nor Norwegian; hence you are excluded from the right of nominating for the Nobel prices... (they have committees for these things(
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