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deathjester's user image
17.02.2003 - 00:37
forum administrator
ok , you know the laws of thermodynamics?

well, the laws of life are:

1) Dj is ALWAYS right
2) Women were constructed by small group of insane bacteria to cause trouble for the 'proper' half of the human race when bacteria as a whole they decided it would be fun to build big animals to hitch a lift on when they wanted to move about
3) StarTrek SUCKS
4) Thermodynamics SUCKS
5) Custard should be BANNED
richard's user image
17.02.2003 - 10:00
forum administrator
I'd like to add another to that list:

6) Once you pop, you really can't stop!
online_again's user image
17.02.2003 - 10:55
I completely agree with that star trek thing...
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