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*BANG!* on the path to 76 Willing(TM) Virgins

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'*BANG!* on the path to 76 Willing(TM) Virgins'
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deathjester's user image
02.02.2004 - 13:09
forum administrator
There's been a strange revelation in the understanding of certian Muslim texts recently.

Apparently, the religious passages used to convince the suicide bombers of an afterlife which includes a reward of 76 virgin maidens who will cater to their every whim...
..is total bollocks.

It actually promises 76 Raisins. This revelation has resulted in all sorts of mayhem, not least of which is the quick denouncement of said text by the ''freedom fighters'.

MMM, more of that lovely human 'I don't like it anymore so it's obviously wrong'.

Shame about all those virgins goign to waste. Ho hum.
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02.02.2004 - 13:23
forum administrator
Can you give us your sources, DJ?

arar's user image
02.02.2004 - 15:13
LOL california raisins?
deathjester's user image
02.02.2004 - 17:21
forum administrator
Radio 4, the author of the recently published book on enlightment vs post moderism vs religion vs technology thingy.

Supposed to be very good i might exchange some currency for it.
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