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Should we let gays adopt?

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'Should we let gays adopt?'
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05.07.2004 - 15:13
forum administrator
This is a discussion about the article 'Should we let gays adopt?'. Tell us your opinions about this subject!
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05.07.2004 - 15:41
forum administrator
havign tackled this from almost every angle over 3+hrs with ash, ill cut the logs up and post a link in here later on.

i just liek to mention that ash's choice of 'facts' ashoudl be researched, and his finger pointing of 'biggot' shoudl be taken with a grain of 'maybe ash isnt being ruthlessly dispasionate enough or realistic' on this one.

BTW- i actualyl edited the article for him.
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05.07.2004 - 16:14
Well, DJ, you know I disagree with you about gay adoption and I still do... Haha.
You really think I would be less fit to look after a child if I dumped Nelson for someone with breasts??
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05.07.2004 - 16:34
forum administrator
Hmmm. Not something you want to threaten less than a week until your wedding :o))

But still, it's a good point. Does it really address the issue of whether it's right to bring a child up in that environment, though? I'm not advocating either position, but it's certainly something to consider.
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05.07.2004 - 16:56

for the sake of clarity id like to point out a few things. the article was not a direct offensive at deathjesters views. he does not agree with most(if not all) of the arguments i put up against gay adoption.

At the end of the day this is all academic there are thousands of children waiting in the adoption process an i honestly don't think i know anyone who really thinks that an orphanage is a better place to raise a child than in a gay family. the real debate just comes down to who gets priority in the queue.

i want to also rant on about how i find using science to cover bigotry deeply offensives but ill save that for another day.

And finally, in my defense i did write most of it when i was stoned :_)
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05.07.2004 - 18:18
Understand your point of clarity. I was just posting to Dj as I have discussed this with him previously too... ;)
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06.07.2004 - 09:05
I used to like having discussion with people over gay rights, where if you were defending a gay rights issue, "you must be gay", and therefore your argument is entirely discountable...

Kinda like witch-hunting in the 13-15th century -

"She's a witch"
"I don't think she's a witch"
"You must be in league with the witch! Burn the both of you!"
"meh go blow some goats"
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06.07.2004 - 09:15
forum administrator
Ash, that was a great contribution. The fact that I agree with it only makes it better, of course, but I'd be just as happy to publish a counter-argument.


When you see all kinds of dysfunctional "normal" families, I wonder how can that "normality" be an argument for deciding on parenthood rights. Now, if the debate was comparing single parents with two or more parents... well, that might have some more room for discussion.
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09.07.2004 - 14:27
id write the counter argument myself but i really can't think of any 'good' reasons to stop gays adopting other than outright bigotry

deathjester you wanna help us out here?
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09.07.2004 - 17:38
forum administrator
the unwarrented character assasination eliminated my will to contribute.

/me mubles something about the fact we even have to debate this shows that society aint ready, and that gay ppl ARE 'different'. Keep your nobility reigned in until ppl are nicely a) culturally trained b) somehow not subject to our baser instincts.
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