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09.02.2003 - 11:56
forum administrator
Have a look at this great page!

Ok, so it's a bit too much text, but scroll down to the infrared (balck-and-white) photos of the Earth, where the writer claims to see thousands of "cubes" floating above the planet.

If you look closely, those pixels are image drop-outs - they are exactly one-pixel black dots (although they look larger on the enlarged picture); information that got corrupted when transmitting from satellite to Earth.

Now, the fact that the author thinks this is an alien invasion force is not the most amusing - he/she also notes that around each pixel there is a larger "blurred cube", and that this is a cloaking device;

"Something about the IR imaging, the angle, the solar glare or activity, or maybe even their own volition is allowing us to see them from time to time"

OR it might be from the JPEG compression of the file!!! For those who don't know, the image file is in JPEG format, which is a way to compress images so they download faster - but this format makes the image less accurate, depending on how much compression is used. The JPEG algorithm works quite well with photos, but strong-contrast areas (like the black pixels) screw things up a bit, and the surrounding area becomes fuzzy.

Interesting, the way this kind of thing makes people panic...

Have a look through the rest of the site... it's fun!
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10.02.2003 - 10:07
forum administrator
This page is absolutely astounding! Just to prove your theory, I took the liberty of creating a picture that was white but with a spattering of black pixels, then compressed that image into a JPEG on lowest quality. Guess what happened? The black dots acquired a cloaking shield!

Now it's very common for CCDs (the digital chip that takes the pictures in digital cameras) to get 'dead' pixels, where the pixels will not transmit any colour information to the controller. This results in the black pixels that you can see. In addition to this, you can also get pixels which are in a permanently 'on' state, hence the occasional white pixel that you can see in that picture. You might think that this photo has an unusually high number of dead pixels, but that would be explained by the intense cosmic radiation of space which is known to damage circuitry.

Now bearing in mind that the photograph was taken in infra-red, how do they explain the white pixels? Basically, the white in this photo represents the very cold areas and the black for the very hot. So how come some of these space-ships are very hot, and some are very cold? You can actually see in the picture that the 'cold' spaceships are not always in the shadow of the planet, so that wouldn't explain it, especially since they are surrounded by 'hot' spaceships too!

Basically, what we have here is a classic example of people wanting to believe something so much that they believe anything will backup their claims. Sad but true
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10.02.2003 - 18:57
forum administrator
People complain that NASA doesn't release raw data because they're hiding something... so NASA releases raw data and people claim they can see floating cubes on the unclean photos... <sigh>

I propose we open a small feature on the site, a "sad but true" section (or some other name... suggestions?), to document this kind of things. It shouldn't be that difficult to find idiotic pages that claim heaven-and-earth on the most ridiculous of scientific claims. And then we can bash them! :-)

I still think that JPEG compression "artifacts" are actually a secret alien code used to mind-control internet users...
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