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23.02.2003 - 20:27

A must-have for alien-protection!

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24.02.2003 - 04:38
forum administrator

go girl
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24.02.2003 - 07:45
forum administrator
uhmn... what if you're kidnapped by some other-dimension beings? how will you find your way back to earth from a different dimension??!?!!

and what about a time-traveller-dog tag? how would you find your way back then?
richard's user image
24.02.2003 - 07:47
forum administrator
You'd have to mention that we're from the 861st Interspacial Multiplex.

As for time-travelling, I doubt many aliens drive DeLorians!!
online_again's user image
24.02.2003 - 13:21
I dont know. ON the page where i found the link to this aliendogtagthingy, there were also a photo of a REAL ALIEN THAT VISITED THE PLANET IN 1968!! (Gosh, I got too much time on my hands... game of pool anyone?)
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