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An article for arar

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'An article for arar'
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nelson's user image
13.06.2004 - 11:20
forum administrator
I guess this classifies as "health"...


I particularly recommend the comment that says:

The real thing you need to do is get over yourself. You're not special. There's lots of people in this world that are just as smart as you. Once you get over yourself, the world is your oyster. "unusually but non-traditionally 'bright' "...jesus...Kill me. Get over yourself.
arar's user image
13.06.2004 - 22:16
You see, I'm just lazy =p
deathjester's user image
14.06.2004 - 22:21
forum administrator
lol, that guy didn't quite apply his bwains to considering the chunk of pain the /. readership was likely to cut into him.

"MMMmmm I'm great, tell me where I should stick it".
arar's user image
14.06.2004 - 23:03

loved the comment "go start an internet company", kinda like saying "god you've got a gorgeous face for radio"
arar's user image
17.06.2004 - 02:58
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