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deathjester's user image
14.06.2004 - 22:27
forum administrator
Used to hate it; now quite addicted.

My motivation is entirely cosmetic I'm somewhat reluctant to say. However, it does present me with teh prospect of being able to get back into TK at a much quicker rate once I relocate myself.

If I don;t go after a few days, I feel positively chunky (the fact I am actually chunky notwithstanding).

The only thing annoying me, is that my level of cardiovascular fitness is waaaayyyy better than my form woudl suiggest, meaning i have to work fuckign hard to get my heartrate up.

15mins at 16Kmh? you prolyl wouldnt expect me to be able to do that after 45 mins of wieghts woudl ya.

richard's user image
15.06.2004 - 15:30
forum administrator
I think I'm quite fit too, after all I carry around lots of weight all the time! =)

Not suggesting that's why you're so fit DJ... ;o)
arar's user image
15.06.2004 - 20:12
Whereas I am going the way of the King... gonna die on the toilet with a pained expression on my face.
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